Commercial Tar and Chip Services
in Waynesburg, PA

Black Top Paving Offers Residential and Commercial Paving Services

For commercial tar and chip services in Waynesburg, PA, give the team at Black Top Paving a call. Chip seal pavement is also more effective and aesthetic when compared to plain gravel or dirt. However, just like any driveway, there are maintenance requirements. Unlike asphalt, these parking lots do not require sealing, but snowplowing can cause damage. Chip seal parking lots can last roughly seven to ten years. If you are in the market for commercial tar and chip service, call (724) 263-5755.

Our Process of Doing Tar and Chip Work in Waynesburg, PA, and Beyond

After preparing your base, we apply hot tar over driveways and parking lots. While the tar is still hot, we spread the stone of your choice over the surface. After that, we compact the area with a three-to-five-ton compactor. If there is an existing blacktop base, we will apply large stone gravel to lock in place with the tar. You can choose between different colors of rock to create a look that best suits your taste. Call us if you live in Waynesburg, PA, and surrounding areas and wish to schedule our commercial chip seal services.

Advantages of Tar and Chip over Asphalt

Many people choose this surface over asphalt because of the many benefits it offers. Paving can be a time-consuming part of maintenance, so choosing chip seal can save you some time and money. This surface provides the following advantages to customers:

Maintenance: Chip seal parking lots are relatively maintenance-free.

Traction: The rough surface provides extra grip to shoe and tire treads in bad weather.

Cost: Tar and chip parking lots costs less to install than asphalt.

Durability: Chip seal parking lots last longer than an equivalent blacktop.

Black Top Paving: Quality Work for An Affordable Price

Since our inception, Black Top Paving has taken great pride in providing quality work for competitive prices. Our customers mean a lot to us, and we always strive to make their experience memorable. Offering quality work for the right price goes a long way in helping us to that. Residents of Waynesburg, PA, and surrounding areas trust us for:

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