Experienced Tar and Chip Services
in Monongahela, PA

When you need experienced tar and chip services in Monongahela, PA, call Black Top Paving. A well-maintained driveway, sidewalk, or road should be a priority for any property owner. If you notice cracking, potholes, drainage issues, or a rough appearance, it may be time to replace it. If you enjoy the look of loose stone, consider chip seal services from Black Top Paving. For more information or to schedule your project, call (724) 263-5755.

Skilled Tar and Chip Services for Monongahela, PA, and Beyond

The tar and chip paving method offers good traction, high curb appeal, and requires less maintenance than traditional surfaces. It is a low-cost alternative to asphalt and provides a more solid surface to users daily. Chip seal surfaces do not require sealing and draw in less heat than blacktop pavement. You can use plain or decorative stone and combine the colors and shapes to customize your look with this option. Black Top Paving’s experienced chip seal service offers endless possibilities to Monongahela, PA, and surrounding areas.

Black Top Paving’s Tar and Chip Installation Is Second to None

For those unfamiliar with this kind of pavement, tar and chip is the same thing as chip seal. This process requires a combination of asphalt and stone available in multiple colors. After installing a gravel base, our crew will apply hot loquat to the top of the gravel. The asphalt then adheres to the gravel base. We then put loose stone over the tar and roll them together to become embedded in the asphalt. Black Top Paving’s chip seal is an excellent option for:

Farm Lanes

Farm Roads
Giving a rustic look to any surface

Private Roads
And More!

When You Need Experienced Tar and Chip Services, Call Black Top Paving

With decades of experience, our team at Black Top Paving have the tools and skills to get the job done right. Chip seal is an affordable pavement option, and our team will make sure you are delighted with it. We proudly provides the following services to our customers:

Call Black Top Paving
when you need experienced tar and chip services in Monongahela, PA.